Our Story

automate-it (a-it) is an Austrian startup IT-company kicked off in 2012 to change and improve the way IT-Services are provided and used today. a-it bridges the gap between complex and time consuming, powerful and probably complex Data Center Automation and Cloud Management Platforms on one side and efficient as well as agile solutions without complexity on the other side. After about a year of initial development we have released our innovative „as a Service“ Platform and we have been growing constantly since then. In addition to the „as a Service“ delivery option we also offer on-premise options - managed by a-it or managed by the customer. We have customers in Europe and in the USA and start expanding to other regions. Our offering is based on BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management and on the Yellowfin reporting solution. We work with distribution and technology partners in different countries and we love to compete with the „big ones“ to get the WOW effect from our customers. We have our headquarter in Güssing in Austria but we also have colleagues working out of Pune, India. Our team is built by experienced IT-Professionals, who enjoy the journey of a startup and dynamically engage in a unique environment. Success is the main driver for everybody in the team. We enjoy working with people who have a personal and special relationship to the region we are located and where we operate our business for customers.