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About automate-it

About automate-it

Setting up Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs) to become an efficient and agile IT-Service Provider can be a challenging task. automate-it simplifies your way to a successful Cloud Service Provider. We offer our customers unique and innovative solutions options giving them the full functionality of a secure end-2-end CMP. At the same time we handle all the complexity of operating and maintaining such a platform for our customers. Offer your Hybrid Cloud Services in weeks of implementation time, choose from an "on-premise" or "as a service" delivery model for the CMP and benefit from the best practice use cases implemented into the platform.

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We operate and maintain a CMP in an "as a service“ delivery model. Customers will still provision and manage servers and services using their own or Public Cloud Infrastructure resources but will work with a provider CMP which is managed by automate-it. The setup procedure that makes customers ready to provide Hybrid Cloud Services to their end users takes just one day. End users will benefit from a broad list of best practice use cases and customers benefit from a true end-2-end CMP that is set up in a day. Alternatively customers can get a full implementation on-premise in just 2 weeks time.

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Cloud Management Platform

Our team of experts works with enterprise customers and partner across the globe to develop a CMP that is ready to go. The CMP is technology agnostic and automate the delivery and management of physical and virtual servers, public cloud services, storage network and applications from a modern HTML5 based user interface. Customers can manage the service catalog and end-users/tenants in the same platform. All services are documented with OOTB integrations into a vast list of OSS making your cloud services enterprise ready. The same CMP will help you automate compliance management, patching management, vulnerability remediation and provide modern scaling and quota management in one place. Use one integrated solution implemented in weeks instead of building your own CMP in months and years and then start re-inventing the best practice use cases.

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